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The Complete Bloodling Serial by Aimee Easterling


The Complete Bloodling Serial: Episodes 1-5 - Aimee Easterling




A price, a princess, and a promise.

Wolfie Young is a bloodling, a rare shifter born in wolf rather than in human form. Although he has trouble handling simple human interactions, the alpha soon finds his niche as the benevolent dictator of a pack of outcasts and misfits.

But while struggling to grow into his responsibilities, Wolfie falls into Crazy Wilder's trap. The grizzled old shifter's dominance ranks him above all other werewolves in the region, and Wilder shores up that position by tricking up-and-coming young alphas into promising undesignated future favors.

Wolfie flounders as he attempts to wriggle out from beneath Crazy Wilder's thumb without harming his pack. But he's soon left wondering --- does he really want to sever all ties after meeting a pack princess who turns out to be his opponent's enticing daughter?

This bundle contains the complete novel-length serial, including Bloodling Wolf, In Deep Shift, Two Scents' Worth, Feint of Heart, and Hair Apparent.










-For those of you who read Shiftless and didn't connect to Wolfie the first time around the Blooding serial will help you connect to him on a more personal level.

The blooding serial are cuts of novellas brought together to create a whole book. Sort of. Readers that have picked up the first book in the Wolf Rampant series will want to grab this one along with it. There is a lot more exploration into the backstory of the shifters, their lives and ofcourse Wolfie who felt a little muted and not quite fully developed in Shiftless.

I did feel like this serial and Shiftless could have been merged to create a whole book with the additional information that we get but I was happy that I enjoyed the serial and Shiftless more once I read the serial.

Readers could read the stories either way but I would say that I'd recommend reading the serial before Shiftless so that you get a firmer grounding in who Wolfie is and what makes him tick and why he becomes so much more after reading it. I like what Easterling has brought to the table and I look forward to reading more books in the series!

Also of note - I love the covers on these books. The cover art is fantastic.







Aimee Easterling



























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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review via the author.





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