Friday, March 7, 2014

Review Catch Up

So many people are doing Blog Hop tag - alongs to do review catch up's for books you haven't yet posted reviews for or have fallen behind on.
It's okay though you don't need a special occasion to play catch up on book reviews. You know you need to post them so get to them when you have the time. If you have an obligation to post the review try to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Don't leave the author / person waiting for a an entire year before you post one for them if they made prior arrangements for you to post one for them in exchange for a book.
Don't take advantage of their charity, but be realistic. Some people have busy schedules, some people are slow readers we get it. Don't say you will have the review up the next morning and kill yourself sacrificing something important in your life to get them up. Be honest. Let the person/ author know you will get to it when you can. You can give them a time frame of when to expect a review.
While some people can kick out reviews and books like no tomorrow its okay to say, give me 3-5 days or 1-2 weeks to get the review up. 
They aren't going to strip you and tie you to a t board and whip you... although some might like that ;) the kinky beasts... (hehe)
Be fair and be honest. If you didn't like the book say why, if you did like it say why. Don't be cruel if you didn't like the book, you can be more constructive. If you have trouble being honest if there is something you didn't like that's alright you can post both negatives and positives. 
I didn't like this... but I did like this. You can add something positive for every negative. Some people will like what you didn't and sometimes you won't like what they will. That's what makes a person unique as an individual. But keep in mind honest reviews help an author with their trade.
If you haven't finished the book or if you have and haven't gotten around to posting a review don't post a review on their page about how you didn't review it because you didn't have enough time.
You know you have time.
If you need an extension to get the review up take the time you need to get it posted on whatever sites you post your reviews on.
Paying it forward is a great way of repaying these authors for their time. Their books are their lives, they are a piece of themselves, and they are in some cases their career. Don't take that for granted.
They work really hard on their books they deserve to be appreciated.
So remember to thank an Author for their work and for bringing us readers their fantastic worlds and share your support by posting reviews and sharing them with friends.

Hey fellow Blogger & Reviewer..

I had to give a shout out to fellow Blogger and Book Reviewer to

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