Policy / Disclosure

Krissys Bookshelf has been notified that we need to create a disclosure page to reveal whether or not we make money or earn profit from the book reviews we do by the Federal Trade Commission.

To be upfront we do not get paid for any of the reviews that we post, we do not make any financial profits from anything that is shared, endorsed, or posted on our page.

We do receive both print and digital books from galleys/authors/publishers in exchange for reviews however our reviews are our own and they are honest. We do not guarantee that our reviews will always be five star rated - if we do not like a book we are honest about it both good and bad.
Just because we are given a digital or print book in exchange for a review does not mean that you get an instant green light into happy review status
Krissys Bookshelf Reviews will NOT take down or remove a review due to low ratings etc. 
If there is an issue or you have an issue with one of my negative reviews that may be posted online  please see the FTC Consumer Fairness Act

Krissys Bookshelf does not intentionally mean to infringe on any copyrights - if there is something posted that you feel should be taken down please feel free to contact Krissy and she will make sure the issue is resolved in a timely manner.

The purpose of Krissys Bookshelf is to post and share information and reviews about books, authors and other fun book related topics for the enjoyment of it.

If there are any other questions or issues please feel free to ask!

Thanks for your time.


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