Friday, August 28, 2015

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I am a clueless blogger




I mean seriously lets be honest. I suck at socializing, I have poor follow through and who the hell doesn't blog these days? There's blogs about clothing fashion, blogs about books, blogs about food and puppies...Everywhere you look everyone is blogging.


Blooooog...Its the new generations version of a digital diary but its public.


You spew, they spew, comment, twitter, hashtag... like?? 

All the while there are outlets everywhere for people to share random thoughts, feelings and opinions at the same time hoping that it somehow catches another persons attention.

Some bloggers are posting on so many sites that they spend hours just posting, linking, importing, exporting pages that it's become a full time job.

How to keep track of it all? Did I post to this site? Did I forget to synch a post date with the six other ones I'm running from Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress ... Ohh, this is pretty? Oh, that one's better... Do you like it? Do you like it? Do I even care? Did I mention this person? Did I forget to tag? There's a new feature I gotta check it out? Where's the app? What's the percentage? What's your statistic growth rate? Are you reaching enough people? Share, share, share, post, reblog - DON'T FORGET ME!

Check, re-check, reply, comment, star!

After the staring at the computer screen headache kicks in and you've devoured four monster drinks, a red bull and ten advils later you're on first thing in the morning to make sure that you didn't forget the masses, praying the masses have turned their eyes to you, you think up all day of some clever thing to share, post and save for later while you're at work, rush home to check your posts and continue on the ever growing numbers that have joined the blogging masses, finish dinner and go to bed late because if you aren't there to check the world won't spin anymore and its all to be a part of this experience of expressing yourself to others and the comparison of whether you stand up to the rest that can do it just a little better than you can.

Its like being in highschool when its time to do a presentation and the teacher wants you to speak in front of the class. Everyone has their say and while some are average, some are horrible.. and then there are those that are just natural at it and finish out their presentation with flying rainbows.

I was always one of the average ones. The ones with the mediocre display and half assed speech because I've always struggled to put words together in a way that  said what I wanted to say or struggled to express myself in a way that was entertaining to others.


Cue the unicorn with rainbows shooting out of its ass.



So why did I choose to review books in a world where the competition of bloggers and reviewers is like diving into a shark pit of perfection? Because books was the only thing I could relate to when I struggled to relate to the people around me, and because I never quite fit into the world like everyone else.

Books were my escape, books were my comfort and books had people that didn't care if I was flawed, or care if I wasn't among the hundreds of others wearing apple bottom jeans or lip synching to J-Lo's latest hit.

Books kept me alive when I almost took my own life and gave me a reason to believe there is a place in the world for people like me that never quite fit.


I wanted a way to show my gratitude to these authors that breathed life into me, that breathed inspiration into me, that helped me get through the worst parts in my life and provided this emotional support in my world when the rest of it was falling apart.


So I'm not the best blogger, I don't do fantastic stuff that bring in the numbers and I'm not on the top followers list but that's okay because books made my heart beat and I can leave reviews and say what I need to say when I want to say it, when I have something to say. Sometimes I fall behind and I'm alright with that.


So thank you to everyone that shares my small piece of something in my small blogger world and thanks for accepting it as it is, grand or not.

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