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Movie Night: The Girl In The Show


A traveling Tom show is stranded in Kansas when their manager steals what meager funds they have.
Hattie Hartley (Bessie Love), who plays Eva in the production, decides to marry the local undertaker, so that he will fund the troupe and pay for her younger sister's schooling.
On the day of the wedding, the troupe is booked for a performance at the last minute.
Hattie refuses to get married so that she can play the role of Eva, an act which reunites her with her true love, a member of their troupe



The Girl In The Show was an okay film considering it was one of the company's first talkies. Granted, it felt more small scale highschool play kind of feel to it but you can't expect a whole lot out of these early projects so I didn't judge it too harshly.
I liked the cast and it was enjoyable just on those merits alone. The lighting and sound as well as the script were poor, the acting was poor but to be honest I kind of liked the pure raw feel of it all.

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Movie Night: Le Divorce


French vs. American social customs and behaviors are observed in a story about an American visiting her Frenchman-wed sister in Paris.


Le Divorce was portrayed as a comedy/romance/slapstick but it turned out as a heavy handed drama instead. Le Divorce was long winded and drawn out, the acting was good but I felt like the movie wasn't quite sure what it wanted to be.
Between the French/American crossing over of traditions and beliefs, the family history, the art and the relationships it didn't quite come together as well as it should have despite the quickie sum up at the end. I love Kate Hudson but I don't think this was one of her better choice of films to play in.

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Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Real West by David Fisher, Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Real West - David Fisher, Bill O'Reilly

Author: Bill O'Reilly
Title: The Real West
Series: Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies
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How did Davy Crockett save President Jackson's life only to end up dying at the Alamo? Was the Lone Ranger based on a real lawman-and was he an African American? What amazing detective work led to the capture of Black Bart, the "gentleman bandit" and one of the west's most famous stagecoach robbers?
Did Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid really die in a hail of bullets in South America? Generations of Americans have grown up on TV shows, movies and books about these western icons. But what really happened in the Wild West?
All the stories you think you know, and others that will astonish you, are here--some heroic, some brutal and bloody, all riveting. Included are the ten legends featured in Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies docuseries -from Kit Carson to Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok to Doc Holliday-- accompanied by two bonus chapters on Daniel Boone and Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley.
Frontier America was a place where instinct mattered more than education, and courage was necessary for survival. It was a place where luck made a difference and legends were made. Heavily illustrated with spectacular artwork that further brings this history to life, and told in fast-paced, immersive narrative,
Legends and Lies is an irresistible, adventure-packed ride back into one of the most storied era of our nation's rich history.

I wasn't as impressed by this book as I thought I would be.
The accumulation of persons written about and the information that was included wasn't really anything new that isn't already known.
Ignoring the misspelling and other errors it just wasn't that big a deal. Granted I've always been a fan of history figures I think I was just expecting something else when I got this book.
Legends and Lies was recommended to me by a friend and it was good just wasn't great and didn't include any new information I hadn't already seen written by other authors. 
If you haven't already read about this history or these historical figures before this will be a really great read but for those that have there isn't a whole lot of fresh information or perspective to discover.

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