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Shiftless (Wolf Rampant #1) by Aimee Easterling


Shiftless: Werewolf Paranormal Fantasy: 1 (Wolf Rampant) - Aimee Easterling




PMS is no fun for werewolves.

Forget the full moon, female werewolves shift uncontrollably at that time of the month. But after years of practice, teenaged Terra learns to squash her wolf, which allows her to flee the repressive village where she grew up.

A decade later, Terra realizes she has an even worse problem. After hiding from her wolf for so long, she is now shiftless, unable to change back into canine form.

When her father shows up with an ultimatum, Terra knows she'll have to learn to shift or return to her place in her family's pack. Will Wolfie, a nearby alpha who's more wolf than man, be a stumbling block in Terra's quest to maintain her freedom?

As Terra struggles to escape two werewolf packs that seem poised to suck her back in, the real question becomes --- does she really want to stay away?









Considering that the base concept and birth of Terra's upbringing is so emotionally engaging I was expecting a lot more emotion in this book.

When you come from a childhood where you've been abused it affects you on a deeper level than was explored. I really didn't feel any kind of emotional connection from any of the characters. They went through the motions but something didn't quite click with me personally as a reader.

It felt more like Terra didn't like being controlled and in an act of rebellion refused to take part in what was in store for her.

That being said I still thought it was a good start to a series with a decent base it was just a little numb and emotionless despite all the emotional scenes that were in the book.

Could be just me personally that had the issue but I still think its worth checking out if you haven't picked it up yet.






Aimee Easterling


























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