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PSA: How to Request Book Edits

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This post/tutorial with screenshots will hopefully show you how to requests edits for your books.


It is long, so please have patience.




How To Request an Edit


1) On the book page that you want to edit, click on the "edit" symbol




2) This will bring up the main Edit Page. It is a full length page and will require some scrolling, hence why I have had to include 3 pix to show it all.




3) Now we will begin to fill in data, from the bottom up.


      A) Source link. This tells where you are getting your data from. You MUST have

           this  info or the librarians may reject your request.

           Verification is important.


      B) Acceptable source links are as follows:

           BookLikes users can use the following sources for book and

           author information:
           - BookLikes affiliate partners (visible at Settings/Affiliate Programs),  

                -which includes:

                     - Amazon

                     - Book Depository

                     - Powell's Book
           - official websites of publishers
           - public domain information which provide open access to the information
           - library information
           - official author page

           - personal archives 






        C) Genre

             - This is already filled in for this book, so no need to add any.

             - If it was blank, you would click on the pull down menu and select the ones

                that apply


        D) Language

             - For those of you reading this, except for a very few, it should be English

                and the default should be English.








      E) Description.

            -This can be copied from any of the acceptable book

              sources listed above.  I will be using the description

              from Amazon to replace the incomplete description

              already there.


      F) Number of pages.

           -Edit from 0 to the correct number.

           -For AUDIO books, fill in this number with how many minutes

             it is, NOT hours. So a 7hr book would be 420minutes.

             You would enter 420.


      G) Format.

            -Usually already correct unless blank or some really weird thing.

            - Don't change this if the isbn matches the format on your

               source link. Ie, don't turn a hardcover into an ebook.


      H) Date Published.

           - Should be in YYYY-MM-DD format.

           - That is, 4 digit year, 2 digit month, 2 digit day.

           - ie, 2004-03-25 is March 25th, 2004

           - You don't have to fill in the whole date if unknown. so 2004

              would be fine for the above example, as would 2004-03.


      K) Publisher.

            - I recommend leaving this alone UNLESS you know what

              you are doing.



      L) ISBN 10/13 and ASIN   - VERY IMPORTANT -

           - a book should have either an ISBN 10/13 number

              OR an ASIN. It should not have both.

           - If it has both, as the book in my example shows, delete the

              ASIN, as the ISBN came first.

            - The only exception is a Kindle/Ebook bundle.

               Booklikes brings them into the database bundled.

               Don't ask me why.

           - do NOT change an already established ISBN or ASIN.

               Instead, search the database using the ISBN/ASIN you have

               and it should show up. If it doesn't, request to add a new book.






       M) Series and Series Position

            - Start typing in the series name. If it already exists,

              it will pop up. Some series have a number after them,

              if that is the only one available, type in the full series

              without the number and add as a new series

            - series position is pretty obvious.


       N) Author

           - Under the author dropdown are the following options:

             - Author

             - Illustrator

             - Editor

             - Translator

             - Narrator

             - Contributor

           - Use these as necessary.


        O) Title

            - clean this up as necessary.

            - Should not include series info, date, publisher info, etc.


         P) Cover

             - It should match the isbn/asin

                Do not change the cover to match the one you "like".

                Only upload a higher quality cover, not a different one.

            - Save the higher quality cover image to your computer,

               then upload using the "Select File" button.







       Q) Finally, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and hit

            the big green "Submit" button.

            - Your edits are now in the queue and a librarian will eventually

               get to them.







4) Remember, a SOURCE LINK is your friend and necessary. Without it,

    your edits cannot be verified and will most likely be rejected.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

New from Decadent Publishing




by Heather Long


Maxwell Sauvage was born into a life of privilege…and boredom. As a “security consultant” to the powerful, he enjoys pitting his wits against the most intricate of security systems for business and pleasure.

Anya Swift is a woman with high-class tastes and a high-octane need for adventure. As an operative for International Art and Antiquities Recovery she stays just on the “right” side of the law, while satisfying her desire for the finer things and her thirst for adventure.

When a high tech camera catches Anya taking The Fortunate Buddha from the French Ambassador’s vault, Max is eager to help the provocative thief for his own reasons, not the least of which being that he set the camera.  But after one stunning night of passion, Anya disappears.  Now Max must find Anya before the Ambassador’s men and claim the thief for his own, but they are running against a clock, danger and deception.

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by Landra Graf


Sigmund Bermudez has spent the last year out of the BDSM scene, mourning the death of his father and rebuilding the family business. When he loses a bet to his bodyguard that Madame Eve won’t locate a woman who’s down with his type of kink, he finds himself committed to a date he’s not sure he’ll enjoy. 

Lauren Elser has heard about kinky escapades from one of her more challenging patients, and never taken in part in one. When offered a chance to explore this undiscovered side of herself courtesy of 1Night Stand, she jumps at it. 

Neither of them is prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that comes with their date, and soon shibari bondage play turns into so much more. The only problem, is Sig’s not ready to open up and Lauren doesn’t want to be sued again. But if they work past the issues, there’s a world of wonder in store. 

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Free Ebooks (2-19-16) on Kindle

The Day We Met (Jersey Strong – Book 1) by Barbara Bretton: They thought it was a fling…but it just might be forever. When single mother Maggy O’Brien met tough cop Conor Riley, the real world fell away. But can the magic they found in each other’s arms survive their families?

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Jacob of the Thundercloud by Zoran Majstorovic: Jacob is a teenage time traveller devoted to God. His destination is Ancient Egypt. One could say that this is a strange combination for a fantasy novel.

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Django Jagger & The Mirror of the Moon by R.J. Bucchianeri: 14 year old Django Jagger dives haphazardly into the Amazon searching for his missing father and becomes tangled up in a wild endeavor after the Secret to Eternal Life. Along the way he encounters numerous perils he must brave to save his father and stop the evil Scorpio Rune.

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A Funeral for an Owl by Jane Davis: A high school student, a hospitalized teacher, and a rule following teacher who’s caught in a hard spot. Enjoy this story of loss and the unscripted ways people deal with grief.

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The Goodbye Storm by Danielle Stewart: Noah & Autumn experience a loss after a tragic accident. When the world threatens to take their lives they must chose between submitting to fate or fighting to survive.

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Double Life by S. Usher Evans: Lyssa is living a double life as a space pirate bounty hunter and planet-discovering scientist. Unfortunately, neither life is going so hot. Things get worse when her intern is mistaken for her hostage by the police.

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The Immortal Greek by Monica La Porta: Alexander Drako is wealthy, well known and immortal. In two thousand years of debaucheries, he has experienced everything possible. But he hasn’t met Ravenna Del Sarto yet… and that could be his downfall.

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Enchanted Secrets by Kristen Middleton: Kendra never thought meeting the new kid at school would pull her into a world of magic far from any reality she’s known. But with the new realm comes new dangers, and soon she finds herself on a desperate sprint to stop a terrible hex.

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Beg by Kristina Weaver: When Shaw discovered she was pregnant she reached out to the father…only to find out he was dead. Not only that, but his brother, Cameron, does not believe her. So until it’s delivered she’ll be under his roof. But who’s that really helping?

This book is Free on February 19, 2016

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Totlandia: The Onesies (Book 1) by Josie Brown: Mothers in Pacific Heights become intensely competitive as they vie for spots in the most prestigious children’s playgroup in all of San Francisco.

This book is Free on February 19, 2016

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Billionaires’ Indulgence – Irresistible Attraction by Scarlett Avery: Imagine losing your boyfriend, your home and your job within the same week. That’s exactly what happened to 23 year old Allison Randal. Just when she’d lost all hope, the most unexpected job landed in her lap. She packed her bags and moved across the country hoping to put her turbulent past behind her. Little did she know that the new opportunity could also be the romantic adventure of a lifetime!

This book is Free on February 19, 2016

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Saving Forever by Lexy Timms: Sometimes the heart needs a different kind of saving… find out if Charity Thompson will find a way of saving forever in this hospital setting Best-Selling Romance by Lexy Timms,

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Sendero by Max Tomlinson: Take a dark trip through the jungle haunts and underbelly of South America as a woman searches for her long-lost brother amidst the legacy of a dirty war that left few unscathed. Think Len Deighton, Ludlum and le Carré south of the equator.

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Bellingwood Boxed Sets: Books 1-3 by Diane Greenwood Muir: The first three books featuring Polly Giller after she returns to the small Iowa town of Bellingwood. Meet the great characters who fill the community and her life. Mysteries and dead bodies keep everyone on their toes.

This book is Free on February 19, 2016

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Loose Ends by V S Vashist: A serial killer is back in town, and Agent Jake Carter has to follow his trail with his new partner. The only clue left? The dying words of the three victims. Before he can ask Agent Kiara Davenport for help, she’s drawn into a tense political game spanning countries. Can they manage their cases without each other?

This book is Free on February 19, 2016

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The Omega Formula by Paul Sekulich: When Veteran turned Detective Frank Dugan finds out there are plans for a catastrophic weapon hidden somewhere in the states, he begins searching. Because whoever gets their hands on it will rule the world.

This book is Free on February 19, 2016

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The Brooklyn Drop by Susan Russo Anderson: When PI Fina Fitzgibbons finds Phyllida drugged and slipping into worse condition, she couldn’t have guessed the woman’s daughter would go missing too. Searching for the girl while attempting to juggle her relationship and watch a human trafficking front, Fina is up to her head in dangerous.

This book is Free on February 19, 2016

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Diamonds and Cole by Micheal Maxwell: Cole Sage has about reached rock bottom when he receives a cry for help from his one great love. Faced with his past, and an uncertain future he tries to find her estranged daughter. Blocked at every turn by the husband who abandoned her, shady real estate deals, violent street thugs and a fortune in diamonds that unite them.

This book is Free on February 19, 2016

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One Wilde Night by Jenn Stark: It’s the last night of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and Tarot-reading artifact hunter Sara Wilde is on the job. Combine one Amazonian sex-and-death cult, one fertility idol, and one old nemesis after the same prize, and she’s in for a wild night.

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