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It Doesn't Have to Be About Chocolates and Flowers!

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There are not many independent bookstores around anymore.  In my neck of the woods there is one that comes to mind and I think the reason they are still around is because of their "out of the box" thinking.


Wordsworth Books ALWAYS has something interesting going on.  The sponsor author events, have great "bag-o-book" sales and maintain a very strong presence in the community on on social networking.  


This idea came up on their Facebook feed today and I think it's a wonderful idea ...


"Blind Date with a Book"


Books wrapped in brown paper with enough of a description to give you a little direction as to whether it would be interesting or not.  


It's a great idea in bookstore but I think it could be a really fun idea for an "any occasion" book exchange too. 






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Friday, January 29, 2016

New from Jaye Wells: Children of Ash


The old timers speak of the before days, when the earth had color. They speak of fresh green grasses, calming blue skies, happy pink petals yearning toward a yellow sun. They talk of a time when humans had the luxury of creating art and daydreaming. But I know better than to listen to their fairy tales; to the fictions conjured by withered old men.

There’s no green in the world I know. No blue. No sunny yellow. In fact, there’s no sun at all in the Krovgorod labor camp.

The past, the present, the future—everything is gray.

Ashes cling to the air, the sky, the skeletal landscape. They coat my tongue and clog my lungs. Eventually you get used to the acrid taste, gritty texture, and suffocating scent. You become numb to the knowledge that you’re consuming death.

I tell the children that the constant rain of ash is a result of the war. I don’t mention the war ended a decade ago. The lies fall so easily from my tongue. They have to. The truth would frighten them too much. And if there’s one thing the Troika loves more than blood, it’s the flavor of terror in the vein.

I’m lying to you even now. Because gray isn’t the only color here. In the Troika’s world, only one hue is equally revered and feared—the deep red of venous blood.

I used to be a person, but now I am a slave. All humans are. The undead are our masters, and those of us who managed to survive the war are as good as dead.

Can't wait to keep reading? Buy CHILDREN OF ASH now:
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And don't miss the first novella in this series, MERIDIAN SIX
Meridian Six remembers the days before the Troika enslaved humans. She also remembers her mother, a freedom fighter who was murdered in the final battle between humans and vampires. But it is her mother’s final words that have haunted her: Red means life. When M6 finally runs from the vampires who’ve held her captive, she finds herself used by her own race. Because in a world at war, freedom is a luxury paid for in blood.

“A masterful fusion of post-apocalyptic fiction, dark fantasy, and subtle social commentary, this is, simply put, the best self-published vampire story I have read in my 20 years of reviewing. And it’s just the beginning of a series that has the potential to change the landscape of genre fiction. Mark my words: It’s that good.” –Paul Goat Allen, Blue Ink Reviews


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Free Ebook from Gemma Halliday from the High Heel Mystery series

Spying 4in

Now FREE in ebook format for a limited time!

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Buy the other High Heel's Mystery Books:

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And coming soon...

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Free Wolf Shifter Romances (for a limited time)

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New from Brandon Sanderson: Bands of Mourning



Now, with The Bands of Mourning, Sanderson continues the story. The Bands of Mourning are the mythical metalminds owned by the Lord Ruler, said to grant anyone who wears them the powers that the Lord Ruler had at his command. Hardly anyone thinks they really exist. A kandra researcher has returned to Elendel with images that seem to depict the Bands, as well as writings in a language that no one can read. Waxillium Ladrian is recruited to travel south to the city of New Seran to investigate. Along the way he discovers hints that point to the true goals of his uncle Edwarn and the shadowy organization known as The Set.




Barnes and Noble




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Today's Featured Book: Alex and Me




New York Times bestseller and selected as one of the paper's critic'sAlex & Me is much more that the story of an incredible scientific breakthrough. It's a poignant love story and an affectionate remembrance of Pepperberg's irascible, unforgettable, and always surprising best friend.






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Featured books by Lauren Groff

Fates and Furies

Every story has two sides. Every relationship has two perspectives. And sometimes, it turns out, the key to a great marriage is not its truths but its secrets. At the core of this rich, expansive, layered novel, Lauren Groff presents the story of one such marriage over the course of twenty-four years.


At age twenty-two, Lotto and Mathilde are tall, glamorous, madly in love, and destined for greatness. A decade later, their marriage is still the envy of their friends, but with an electric thrill we understand that things are even more complicated and remarkable than they have seemed. With stunning revelations and multiple threads, and in prose that is vibrantly alive and original, Groff delivers a deeply satisfying novel about love, art, creativity, and power that is unlike anything that has come before it.



Delicate Edible Birds



In “Sir Fleeting,” a Midwestern farm girl on her honeymoon in Argentina falls into lifelong lust for a French playboy. In “Blythe,” an attorney who has become a stay-at-home mother takes a night class in poetry and meets another full-time mother, one whose charismatic brilliance changes everything. In “The Wife of the Dictator,” that eponymous wife (“brought back… from [the dictator’s] last visit to America”) grows more desperately, menacingly isolated every day. In the title story, “Delicate Edible Birds,” a group of war correspondents — a lone, high-spirited woman among them — falls sudden prey to a brutal farmer while fleeing Nazis in the French countryside.











The Monsters of Templeton

 One dark summer dawn in Templeton, New York, at the moment an enormous monster surfaces in Lake Glimmerglass, twenty-eight-year-old Willie Upton returns pregnant and miserable to her hometown of Templeton, N.Y. Willie is a descendant of the creator of the town, Marmaduke Temple, and she expects to be able to hide in the place that has been home to her family for centuries. But the monster changes the fabric of the village, and Willie’s mother, Vivienne, has a surprise that will send Willie careening through her family’s history to dig up clues about her heritage. Spanning two centuries and based on Cooperstown, New York., the story is told through two centuries of voices, from Templeton ghosts to residents, masters to servants, natives to interlopers, and historical figures to literary characters. 






In the fields and forests of western New York State in the late 1960s, several dozen idealists set out to live off the land, founding what becomes a famous commune centered on the grounds of a decaying mansion called Arcadia House. Arcadia follows this lyrical, rollicking, tragic, and exquisite utopian dream from its hopeful start through its heyday and beyond.



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New from Erika Wilde and Carly Phillips

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News and Pre-Orders available from Laura Griffin

March 7
At The Edge
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks
Kobo | Books-A-Million | Simon&Schuster

March 28
Edge of Surrender
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks
Kobo | Books-A-Million | Simon&Schuster

Lots of fun news to share! I am kicking off a new digital series this spring, beginning March 7th with AT THE EDGE, the first in a two-part story that continues with EDGE OF SURRENDER on March 28th.

These two titles are the first in a new e-series featuring an ultra-elite SEAL team called Alpha Crew. As you can tell from the covers, these are steamy, action-packed stories, and I hope readers will enjoy them. ☺

And the Tracers series is going strong, with book #10, DEEP DARK, coming in May. DEEP DARK will be available in paperback and e-book and is now up for pre-order.

Hope you are having a great 2016 so far. As always, happy reading!



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Lots of Free Ebooks +Kindle, Kobo, Nook+ (1-29-16)

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Life's Too Frantic

So I haven't been around to blog since late November early December, I hope you all are doing well. I am keeping busy wi...