Friday, September 18, 2015

Amazon / Barnes and Noble Freebies (Part 2)

Okay so a friend of mine on Facebook asked me to go into more detail about how you can find more FREEBIES on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so I decided to make a sort-of "step by step guide" into different ways you can filter out more freebies from the search engines.



So for my friend shes big into vampires or vampire themed books and when she searched for FREE she didn't get a whole lot of pop ups that gave her exactly what she was looking for so I gave her an idea on how she can find exactly the variety she wants.


Step One:

Enter a topic/ name in the search bar that relates to what you want. I suggested an example "blood" which will link to everything with vampires in it or titles/descripts with the phrase blood in it.

Above is a screenshot of me searching for the phrase blood. I highlighted some particular areas to make an example of what this brings up.


First, you see that I've selected Kindle Store and then added the phrase Blood in the search engine.

You see the Results highlighted along with the Related Results (Vampire

Second, on the far (Right) I've selected a Price Range. Doing this makes a big difference in the following selection results (highlighted) of that search and what it brings up.


Below is an example of this particular issue.


I've highlighted the same areas all I added was romance since shes into the paranormal vampire romance books to narrow down what it is she was looking for. The above picture shows how not changing the price range can affect the results you get when running a search. The Price Range is sorted by Relevant. (Automatic) The results highlighted have Free books ONLY if you buy Kindle Unlimited


To Add a personal note, I'm not a big supporter of the Kindle Unlimited so I tend to ignore those results. If you buy Unlimited then great. But this search isn't for that.


Next you'll notice if you don't buy Unlimited then the price is NOT free. So make sure that you change the price search when you're doing your search.


Another example of what can happen when you don't change the price setting.



Note that none of them are free so be sure you change the price search!



Next Step:

Once you've changed the price search you should get a list that looks a lot like the picture below.


You get your top free listings that list the prices with the format selected (as highlighted)


There's also a second thing that's great about Amazon is that it features author pages along with their books.

In the highlighted areas you can see the author names linked along with the book titles that will take you to secondary pages.

As an example note that the second book is Blood Bites by C.J. Pinard but in the search only one book pops up. (The Trick: Note:: This doesn't always have more listings but some do so don't be afraid to check.)

After you've selected Blood Bites (or whatever title you are picking) Click the author name.


Once you've done that another page should pop up. This is the authors page.

It should look like the picture below.



So you get an author bio area and you get a listing at the top of his or her featured books. If you scroll a little below you'll get a secondary search listing of the authors works.

Repeat the process of changing the price search selection to the low-high setting.

This should sort their available works according to price from lowest to highest.


(As seen below)


As you can see I've highlighted the fact that several FREE books are listed. (This doesn't always happen but once in awhile you get lucky so always check!)



Be sure to select Follow for the author so that you will receive alerts about the author and their works in the future.


(As seen below)



(If you just want to find an authors Amazon page -if you aren't following them- all you have to do is search for their name and if they have created an author page it should show up in the search selection and will look something like the picture below.)



Repeat search process and you will find that many authors have Free works available.


Note that Free ebooks aren't always available forever and are sometimes available only for a very limited time so check back often. This also applies for special sales when ebooks go for .99 cents so be sure to stay on top of that if you want to have a chance to get a discount.




Below is an example of searching for Freebies on Barnes and Noble.



Note that the same thing happens when you search their NOOK selection.

You get top feature results and they aren't free.


Change the price search to low-high


The available selection changes dramatically.

I've stuck with the same example using the subject Blood in the search engine.


Barnes and Noble varies from Amazon for author search but you can use the author name to search for their works and add your price selection. (I used Elizabeth Marx as an example)




So there's a few more ways to get more ebooks that aren't always listed in the main search when looking for Freebies.



Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

I LOVE Halloween....

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays... The neatest stuff is always on store shelves making my heart go all thumpy thump..


I always have to fight the urge to buy up everything they have displayed because I would decorate a house from floor to ceiling in that stuff all year round. I usually do pretty good resisting spending every dime on such things but every once in awhile I just can't say no.


Today I came across such an item. So I just HAD to share this with everyone because it was just so effing cute I just couldn't resist.




My new book case decoration.







Isn't it the cutest damn thing you've ever seen? I absolutely love it!!! <3<3<3



Its actually heavier and bigger than it looks in the picture so its a fairly solid decoration. I am so happy I gave in and bought it. 






Any of you have any knick knacks/ book ends/ decor you like putting up on your shelves with your books? If you do, what is it? 

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