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The Common Pleas Lawyer (A Casey Cort Novel 0) by Aime Austin


The Common Pleas Lawyer: A Casey Cort Novella - Aime Austin

It’s spring in Cleveland, Ohio, but Casey Cort isn’t going to let rain and gray skies get her down. The last year of law school is a magical time. At any moment her long-time boyfriend, Tom Brody, is going to pop the question. She’s ready to finish a successful year as a senior editor on the law review, and her dream job at Morrell Gates is right around the corner. The bar exam is her last hurdle, and she’s more than ready to jump it.
Or so she thinks.
When Casey reports an honor code violation to the dean of the law school, her perfect future comes crashing down around her as friends and fellow students fail to come to her rescue.
In this prequel novella of the Casey Cort series, Aime Austin—a former trial lawyer in Cleveland—weaves a tale that blends the best of today’s top legal thrillers with the heart and soul of women’s fiction, in a story ripped from real-world headlines.
















The Common Pleas Lawyer is a prequel to the Casey Court series / books: Qualified Immunity, Under Color of Law, In Plain Sight, Conflict of Interest.
Austins writing likens to LaPlante and Grafton's story building and talent in creating a fantastic well detailed book.

For Casey in this prequel sometimes life isn't what its all cracked up to be when you have to walk the fine line of trust and lies.

Readers get to hit the reset button on the previous installments and open the connecting plugs that wake up the history readers to this series have experienced that make them even more vital and impressive.

The Casey Court series is a law drama with an impressive cast and is a really great read. I highly suggest reading these books in order, jumping into the middle will leave you missing some important details.


































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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from: the author.









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