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Marked By Temptation (Coven Pointe #1) by Deanna Chase


Marked by Temptation (Coven Pointe) (Volume 1) - Deanna Chase






Mati Ballintine is a sex witch looking for a hot one-night stand to bolster her power, and sexy Vaughn Paxton is cocky enough to make her work for it.


But when their one night turns into more than they bargained for, one life is changed, another threatened, and suddenly there's a whole lot more than lust at stake.



















Marked by Temptation is a spin off from the Jade Calhoun Bourbon Street series so if you haven't explored that yet I highly recommend it. You can actually get the first book Haunted on Bourbon Street (right now) for free from AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Kobo if you want to check it out.


Mati and Vaughn carried Marked By Temptation all the way. I love how MBT connects the other covens together and brings in a new element to the process of what's been going on, although I do wish we had gotten more back story taking place because so much of this story was carried by the cast to a point that I felt everything else sort of took a back seat for awhile and while that can be good I felt Chase could have really cashed in on the possibilities she'd started but didn't quite bring to light as much as she could have considering this was a spin off.

However, seeing as how its a novella not a full novel I will thank her for the appetizer.

I was happy with our extra steamy on the side of steam we got with our sample of yum, delicious, and scrumptious.


If you haven't read the connecting books to this series Marked By Temptation may come off a tad lacking in several areas if you are uninformed but as for myself despite the shortness in length and plot development I thought Marked By Temptation was great.























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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the Author.





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