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Awakening (Rapture's Edge #1) by Caris Roane


Awakening (Rapture's Edge Book 1) - Caris Roane

For decades, Warrior Duncan has had an on-again, off-again relationship with a woman opposed to his warrior lifestyle. When Rachel shows up in his life again, he wants to keep his distance, but the infamous breh-hedden, the myth-that-isn’t-a myth, bears down on him keeping him in a perpetual caveman-like state. How is he supposed to make war when he’s falling in love with a woman who only wants peace?

Rachel can’t believe Duncan is back in her life. She spent years getting over him, over all the fights they had about her dislike of the war and his love of being a Militia Warrior. The problem is, she never stopped loving him and the trance he’s stuck in has her out of her mind with worry. When the breh-hedden crashes down on her, she wants only one thing: Duncan … in her bed … now. But how is she supposed to stay with a man who represents what she hates most about their ascended vampire world?

















I actually spent a lot of my time laughing while reading this book, and it wasn't because it was meant to be funny.


I mostly saw Duncan and Rachel's relationship as a real life kind of couple's issue when you bring two people who are so alike that they butt heads yet so completely different at the same time who have different views on something and can't communicate in order to meet in the middle on what is causing problems in their relationship in the first place.

Partner A. is going through something that Partner B. can't understand or relate to and Partner B. is fed up with trying to make things work even though they can't seem to force themselves to completely abandon all hope that something can be redeemed of the past they shared with Partner A.


Although I wish we had gotten more development of their past and a real honest in - depth exploration of what's going on around them politically I thought Awakening was a good book.All in all I enjoyed Awakening and thought it was a decent beginning to the Raptures Edge series. I hope for more development in future installments.


Also, I did appreciate the glossary being included in the book because there is a lot of complex terms and references that I think would lose a lot of readers if there wasn't one.



























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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the Author.





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