Friday, April 1, 2016

Unnatural Instincts by Dre Sanders


Unnatural Instincts - Dre Sanders


Romance and comedy and spooky things that go bump in the night. That would be Mom. Juno Kravitz believes life is rational and logical, and it’s going exactly according to plan—her recent engagement to Evan Phillips, her fast-track career. So how does she explain the sudden appearance of her mom’s ghost after she’s been gone for ten years?

Unless Juno’s crazy—a possibility she rejects—all she needs to do to get her normal life back, which is unraveling thanks to Mom’s interference, is get rid of Mom. Whatever it takes. Even if it means enlisting the help of her sexy British neighbor, Ryder Jamieson, who Juno’s best friend suspects is a male escort. Ryder seems intent on improving transatlantic relations all on his own, with the female half of the U.S. population, at least.




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I love Dre's work, she always creates the best cast of characters I always have a great time when it comes to reading her work. The friendships, love, life, and family among the comedy and reality blend so well that this one takes the cake.

Unnatural Instincts over protective, dependent, nosy mother coming right up..

Dre delivers hilarity and sincerity at the same time you're getting the growing up, the opening up, and letting go with your tear jerker moments but its all beautiful.

I can't wait to get more from Sanders in the future. What a great read.






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