Friday, April 1, 2016

My New Master by Amaris Oppenheim


My New Master (vampire romance, vampire erotica, paranormal vampire romance, paranormal erotica romance) (Vampire Romance for Adults Book 1) - Amaris Oppenheim

Molly is just an average woman struggling to get by.

A physically endowed, thirty year old single female who just got fired from a crappy job and whose life doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

With bills and worries pilling up, Molly can’t find the time nor the will to be involved in the drag of relationships.

After a normal visit to the grocery store, as if a metaphor for her own life, her car breaks down, forcing the unfortunate soul to walk home.


Going through a dark alley, she is confronted by four thugs looking for nothing more than her body to enjoy themselves.

Struggling and on the verge of being molested, Molly is saved by a heroic un-human like, desirable woman named Lilith.

However, salvation comes at a price. Lilith demands Molly to be her servant, a demand she feels unable to decline.

Later, Molly finds herself in her own house, unaware of what led her there, only to find Lilith by her side, requesting her services. Surprisingly, those services served only one purpose – to satisfy Lilith’s sexual desires.


Molly did nothing but to obey her new master, and by doing so, she found herself in an odd new world of sensation, a place men weren’t able let her reach.

Perhaps the breakdown of her car was the best that could have happened to Molly’s dull life.




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