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Dancing With A Cowboy by Sandi K. Whipple


Dancing With A Cowboy - Sandi K Whipple

Lucy Baumgardner, working partner in a law firm in Philadelphia, works too hard. So says the senior partner, who just happens to be her father. When she's forced to take a two week hiatus, she assumes two weeks of pedicures, massages, and poolside relaxation with a glass of wine won't kill her. But things aren't always what one expects.

To her horror, city girl Lucy ends up stuck on a working ranch with no phones, cell service, or WiFi. Her acute shock dictates she will NOT play cowgirl for two weeks. Making matters worse, Stace Levin, the very handsome owner/operator, does nothing to make things easy for her. Her days are filled with manual labor, and one mishap after another amuses Stace to no end. In fact, he finds her not only funny, but smart, stubborn, and very beautiful.

Knowing it's for only two weeks, Lucy succumbs to the ranch lifestyle. Every day something happens to change her mind about the good looking cowboy, Stace. One day he's a pompous ass, and the next, well... The way he looks in those tight wranglers, those inviting arms, and his generous warm lips and mouth can sure as hell change one’s mind about the guy.

When Lucy's hiatus comes to an end, and she gets involved in a legal mess of two other ranch guests, will she lend her expertise to rescue Stace, and save the ranch, or will she turn up the music?








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Doesn't this cover make you think dancing with the stars? (Ha) Anywho, I enjoyed the fact that the spoiled brat has a reality check slap her in the face, I liked that she gets a lesson that regardless of her being said hard worker which really isn't that believable because shes so damn ridiculous that not everything can be handed to you. I was surprised that Sta is actually drawn to her, however Lucy is redeemed as she "thaws" out.

Dancing With A Cowboy is a really enjoyable read and I always like that Whipple does a great job of researching her work so that it actually feels real and honest to the reader.

I always like that she can create characters that are real to her readers and include both life, love and sensibility.







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