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Oxford Blood (The Cavaliers #1) by Georgiana Derwent


Oxford Blood - Georgiana Derwent

The Cavaliers are the most elite society at Oxford University - rich, powerful, and beautiful. No one realises that they are no ordinary students, but a group of aristocratic vampires from the English Civil War. For four hundred years they have groomed the most promising students to run the government, police, and finance in the way the vampires wish, granting them eternal life in return for absolute obedience.

When Harriet French arrives at Oxford University from her working class northern state school, she’s prepared for a culture shock, but not to become embroiled in the Cavaliers’ scheming and bloodlust. Harriet thought she'd be busy enough juggling her demanding tutor, new friends, and the murky world of student politics. But now, she must find the rebel vampire who is killing off the members, stop the Cavaliers from orchestrating a massacre of the year’s most beautiful and successful students, and defy the Society to be with the man of her dreams.

Oxford Blood is a British, adult, paranormal romance. It's a tale with vampires that aren't afraid to kill and a heroine who's not afraid of sex or her own ambition.












My Review:

I am really disappointed because this book had so much potential so be fabulous. It really did. That's why I'm so bummed about the way the author portrayed her characters because if she'd stuck with history and the dynasty she would have been set. But the hypocrites and the naive participants ruined it.

Actually what really ruined it was the not so rape scene(?) and the excuse portrayal afterward.

Having a guy talk you into letting him have sex with you after refusing to have sex with him feeling manipulated but convincing yourself its either your fault or your fear during your refusal wasn't warranted then making excuses for the guy that you let have your body out of guilt is just as bad as that is what ruined it for me, and then it just continued from there. 

I was really torn up about this because I wanted to love this book so much and I had looked forward to reading this book for a long time but having this kind of thing in it just wasn't my cup of tea. I am so bummed... 










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