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Omens of Death (Montague Pluke #1) by Nicholas Rhea


Omens of Death - Nicholas Rhea

Detective Inspector Montague Pluke is an extremely superstitious man.
So when he notices the solitary crow upon the roof of No. 15 Padgett Grove — the home of Cyril and May Crowther — he knows it is an omen of death.
As the officer in charge of the CID at Crickledale Sub-Divisional Police Station, Pluke has never solved a murder or arrested a killer.

While he appreciates that the natural peace of Crickledale has contributed to this, it is Pluke’s ambition, before he retires, to solve a noteworthy murder.

So when the naked body of a young woman is found at the local Druids’ Circle, it seems that fate is on Montague’s side.
Stephen Winton, a photographer from nearby Fossford, is photographing the Circle for a tourist magazine when he makes the grisly discovery.

Listed as one of the Nine Sites of Crickledale, the Druids’ Circle is rumoured to be the site of orgies, witchcraft and other bizarre goings-on after dark.
Could the dead girl have been the victim of a black magic mass ritual or sacrificial killing?
With no visible wounds or signs of a struggle, Montague believes that the young woman met her untimely end elsewhere and was then placed in the Circle.

But why was she naked?

Unable to ignore the ill-omened message of the lone crow, Pluke decides to focus on the Crowther’s home at No. 15 Padgett Grove.
When two more people die in suspicious circumstances, Montague Pluke is at last able to put his police training, together with his great knowledge of superstition, to good use...








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Omens of Death was one of those crime novels that really wasn't about the crime but rather about the one solving the crime. Its more of a surface exploration because there isn't much soul depth but you get the hook of who this person is, how he works and what drives him. It makes it interesting to see how what happens affects him and seeing how he sort of compartmentalizes everything. While it isn't a fantastic read I actually enjoyed getting to know Pluke and being a part of his journey.






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