Sunday, February 28, 2016

Of Light and Darkness (Of Light and Darkness #1) by Shayne Leighton


Of Light and Darkness - Shayne Leighton

Raised by a Vampire in a secret society of Witches, Shifters, and Elves, Charlotte finds that she is the freak in her world of magic and wonder. When she stands before an army of impossible obstacles, the likelihood of survival in this coming-of-age modern fairy tale is slim, resulting in a war between light and darkness.

Charlotte knows no other home than the one nestled deep in the woods of Eastern Europe, where Witches draw spells of enchantment, Shifters throw tea parties, and Elves are the closest in kin.

As genocide and war threatens her life and her home, Charlotte will not allow her one true love to be destroyed. Fighting for her adopted coven of rogue monsters, she will do whatever it takes to save them...and she'll do it before the sun comes up and light takes over forever!














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Wow ... I really have no idea what to say about this book. The world itself has potential but the adoptive father/daughter/lovers angle just wasn't my cup of tea. That kind of story line leans toward the step-incest genre I'm not a big fan of.








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