Thursday, February 25, 2016

New and On Sale by Cheyenne McCray

"Cowboys Do it Better"
with Jennifer Ashley & more...

In this issue, TWO box sets for 99 cents each, and one new "HOT" firefighter!

cover: Cowboys Do It Better Box Set

Pre-Order COWBOYS DO IT BETTER Box Set for 99 cents!

From FIVE New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, a collection of five Cowboy stories. Sale priced at 99 cents for a limited time, take a ride with COWBOYS DO IT BETTER.

JENNIFER ASHLEYCarter (Riding Hard series): Bad boy Carter Sullivan, a trick rider and stuntman, has loved good girl Grace Malory for years. A single dad with a nine-year-old girl, can Carter convince Grace to love him back, even when his dark past comes calling?

CORA SETONThe Cowboy Imports a Bride: When cowboy Rob Matheson gets a chance to win 200 acres of prime Montana ranch land, he'll do whatever it takes—even marry a woman he barely knows.

PATRICE MICHELLEColt's Choice: When Elise inherits half-ownership to a rodeo ranch, she's unprepared for the strong attraction she feels for her rough-around-the-edges cowboy partner. Even though Colt Tanner is her reluctant partner by circumstance, she is determined to prove that she's serious about helping him run the ranch. If only all these thoughts about just how good they could be together would stop getting in the way.

JESSIE EVANSChaps and Chance: Cole Lawson's been a lady killer since the day he realized that his dimpled smile made all the cowgirls swoon, but when he discovers his former best friend, Layla, is newly single he's ready to put an end to his womanizing ways. Will a dark secret from Layla's past destroy their shot at forever?

CHEYENNE MCCRAYPoint Blank: Natasha loves her new beginning in Bisbee, Arizona. Life couldn't get any better. Special Agent Brooks Allen is pissed as hell when he learns his friend's in-law is suspected of drug trafficking—Natasha has been selling merchandise filled with narcotics. Brooks grows certain Natasha is innocent, then discovers the tangled web she's caught in.


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cover: Fire and Ice


FIRE AND ICE (Firemen do it Hotter Book 1)

Firefighter Grady Donovan, spots Chelsey Daniels teaching at the local ice skating arena. The sexy former international champion has curves in all the right places, a smile that lights up the room, and a personality to match. She causes a five-alarm blaze inside him that only she can put out.

When Chelsey meets gorgeous firefighter, Grady Donovan, he seems perfect for her. However, when she learns of his dark past, it puts the skids on their growing romance.

Grady is nearly killed as he rescues victims from an apartment fire, and it brings back terrible memories for Chelsey. She doesn't think she can go through losing another man she loves to a dangerous profession.

Can she overcome her fears to embrace love again?

eBook: $2.99

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 [cover: Roses and Rodeo]


Roses and Rodeo

Box Set only 99 cents for a limited time!

Four sensational cowboy stories from four of the Butterscotch Martini Girls. This box set is built around Cheyenne McCray's popular Roses & Rodeo, which is part of her Rough and Ready series.

In addition to Cheyenne's Roses & Rodeo, you will also get three brand new stories by three other Butterscotch Martini Girls:

The new stories in this set include Slingin' Bull by Kayce Lassiter (Delta Jane Series-paranormal), Always Look Forward by Tia Dani (historical), and Rodeo Rose by Tina Gerow (paranormal). The heat level for this set runs from low to high, so there is something here for everyone!

Box Set eBook: 99 cents for a limited time!

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