Monday, February 29, 2016

I am reading and I am so fecking angry right now.

I am reading Dark Promises by Christine Feehan I'm stuck on page 55 and I am so pissed off.

I am so at the point that I want to do exactly to Christine what she's doing to her female characters in her stories to make her understand that this shit is not cool. 


Grabbing them by their hair abusing them forcing them to strip naked labeling them as a slave and forcing them to be with a male they don't want and being sexually forced upon with absolutely no choice or voice in the matter.

How can the abuse continue over and over for these poor women? I can't even stand it and I'm just reading it and Feehan is trying to make it sound romantic but enslaving a female and abusing her and practically raping her is not romantic. Who put it in Feehans mind that her characters being forced upon by these males these females don't even know is okay? Especially in Gab's situation.


I am so fed up with all this abuse Feehan continues writing into her romance novels. I literally threw my book because I was so mad. I can't even bring myself to read past the scene where  Alek shows up out of the blue forcing Gab to strip naked in front of him and claiming her in front of everyone despite her screaming and pleading to everyone watching for help while they do absolutely nothing. Gab is terrified and he's grabbing her head and dragging her to the ground and commanding her to strip naked for him.

I just want to punch Feehan so hard right now.


I'm supposed to finish this book to write a review for the publisher and I can't even bring myself to force myself to read this crap.


I don't know if there is something that is supposed to make all this behavior okay later in the book but its not okay to start with and I've been struggling with this behavior in several of her last publications, and none of her answers are resolving it for me.


Anyone have advice on how to stomach this so I can get past it?















Gabrielle has had enough of battles, of wars, of seeing Gary Jansen, the man she loves nearly lose his life when it isn’t even his fight. Once he was a gentle and very human researcher. Now he’s a fearless and lethal Carpathian warrior with the blood of an ancient lineage coursing through his veins—a man Gabrielle still needs and desires and dreams of with every breath she takes. All she wants is a life far away from the Carpathian mountains, far from vampires and the shadows cast by the crumbling monastery that hides so many terrible secrets. But Gabrielle soon learns that promises made in the dark can pierce the heart like a dagger.

And she isn’t the only one in search of answers in the corners of the unknown...

Trixie Joanes has come to the Carpathian mountains in search of her wayward granddaughter, fearing that she has been lured there by something unspeakable. Instead, Trixie has stumbled into the path of a desperate man and a woman in love and on the run. And they’re all fated for the lair of a mysterious ancient with revenge in his soul and the undying power to make bad dreams come true.





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