Monday, February 29, 2016

Being Anti-Social by Leigh K. Cunningham


Being Anti-Social - Leigh K. Cunningham

Mace Evans is single at thirty-eight. When her much unloved older sister, Shannon, declares that Mace is anti-social, she embarks on a journey to understand her condition; whether she was born that way or if it is the accumulation of thirty-eight years of unfortunate encounters with other humans and dogs.

For reasons unbeknown to Mace, she has an affair with a work colleague, which brings an unexpected end to her perfect marriage. And as if the self-imposed torture and regret is not enough, Mace endures ongoing judgment from her older sister and mother, which further exacerbates already tenuous relationships.

With support from her four best friends, merlot and pizza, and with guidance from her life coach and mentor, Oscar Wilde, Mace recovers to a degree, but in her quest to understand her anti-social ways, she finds herself wondering about the quality of the fabric that keeps her network of friends intact.

When Mace's mother is diagnosed with cancer, Mace searches for common ground on which to connect before it is too late.










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I enjoyed the journey of self discovery and I really enjoyed how well Cunningham portrayed her cast as people that you can relate to. People that are more like yourself when you reach the half way point in life and run into barriers you aren't sure you can overcome because its been who you've been portrayed to be your entire life.

Claiming your own identity is complicated and its even more complicated when your emotions are stuck in overdrive. I thought that Anti Social was a really great read from beginning to end I'd totally recommend it to others. 








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