Monday, July 24, 2017

A Daunting Task...



For anyone that blogs they understand what a time consuming task it is to keep up with it.


You have to think of what you're going to say, you have to find the perfect graphics, you strive to make things look nice, you have to know how to keep up with trends and changes in the industry...


It can be intimidating.


Keeping up with coding and learning new ways of doing things isn't easy, trying to bring new viewers in is even harder, and that doesn't including finding time in your day to get it right. People don't tell you that once you blog it literally becomes like a full time job and there are so many blogs out there why would anyone want to read mine?


There's also the unspoken rule that if you want to be taken seriously you have to constantly update old posts to look new, fix outdated graphics and images, fix broken code, find a new network of people and sorting through everything you've ever put up on your blog.


Have you ever sat down and actually counted how many blog posts you've posted since you established your blog? It adds up if you've been at it awhile.


Right now I'm going through the very slow task of doing the same thing for my Blogspot/Blogger page. I have a LOT of posts that need some serious work. I haven't even begun to work on the blog itself yet. Take your time I'm told. Or I could just pay to have someone do it all real nice for me.


Hey, so I don't have money to put into my blog to have a professional looking site but that doesn't mean I don't put a lot of effort into what I do. This is when it hit me.


Some posts take me up to two hours to two days to get right before I publish them. Times that times how many posts I've put up since I started taking blogging seriously in 2013 and I have a long way to go before anything begins to look half decent.


Blogging is never easy and often times feels like a full time job. Speaking of which, why aren't we getting paid for this? (Just kidding) We don't blog because we get paid or because we have a major audience (although some bloggers do) We do it because we enjoy it and we have something to say. (Even when we've lost track how to come up with a new way to say this is great, you should read it too.)


Its my turn lady and gent folks. Time to open up old posts and do some house cleaning.




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