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Her True Match (X-Ops #6) by Paige Tyler


Her True Match - Paige Tyler



After a long game of cat-and-mouse

Feline shifter Dreya Clark picks the wrong penthouse to rob and ends up arrested by sexy detective Braden Hayes. But Braden isn’t the only one who’s been watching the cat burglar. Agents from the Department of Covert Operations swoop in to offer her a deal. If she wants to stay out of jail, she’ll have to work with them—and pair up with the hot cop. Great.

Danger throws this unlikely pair together

Braden isn’t thrilled about the DCO meddling in his investigation. He’s been chasing Dreya for years. Thrown together on a dangerous covert mission, fur flies and temperatures flare. But when danger closes in on them, their game of cat and mouse turns deadly-serious, and they’ll have to rely on each other to make it out alive.





I know it probably shouldn't matter but why did the cover artist have to make the male model look so bizarre? The weird oil glow didn't do him any favors when standing beside the female who looks perfectly normal. That being said don't let the cover deter you from picking up this installment of the X Ops series, Tyler went all out for her readers. We get some crossing over with multiple leads and plots intersecting that become important to the final half of the book.

B&D play well off one another despite all the head butting, the clashing of personalities and the insta-flirtations. Although I wasn't surprised by the instant attraction formula between our h&h I was surprised that one of them didn't slap the other at some point with all the bickering and back and forth going on at the beginning.

I did like that we moved along the plot because I would have been frustrated to have a stall out this far in at this point to have it just simmer on pause. I hate when authors do that it wastes an opportunity to really bring the readers in. Tyler has no issue focusing on both her h&h and the story line to keep readers fully involved and invested. Thank you Tyler.

However I am a tad concerned on the twist and the current lines of goodies verses baddies and who really is good and who isn't. The black and white lines are starting to gray around the edges and its complicating both reader and character alliances.

I have to admit I'm a little worried. I look forward to seeing what Paige has planned with her devious genius.



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