Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kids Corner - Story Time: You've asked, I'm answering!

People are asking...
What is Storytime?

As most of you know Krissys Bookshelf Reviews has a lot of adult books in its review inventory but that isn't the only kind of books that I read and I love to share the books I love. 

So I've decided to feature some of those other reads.
Even though there wont be full reviews written for the children/kids books that I'll feature I will be posting a rating status for them.

That's where the hungry caterpillar comes in.

I'm sure most of you who know who he is if you've read Eric Carle's books. Which happen to be one of my favorite hence I've used him as my inspiration for ratings.

Three hungry caterpillars is the equivalent of a gold star, one is the equivalent of a bronze star. (3 = most liked, 1 = least liked.)

The first Storytime post seems to be getting positive feedback so I've decided to keep doing it.

I look forward to sharing more books with the rest of you very soon! I hope the rest of you will join me in sharing my love of reading children's stories for that little kid at heart. 

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