Friday, January 20, 2017

The Book of D'ni (Myst #3) by Rand Miller, David Wingrove

Excitement for the MYST series continues with the release of the new CD-ROM -- Riven, the long awaited sequel to MYST.

In the third novel by the creators of the CD-ROM phenomenon, Catherine and Atrus return to the devastated domain of the D'Ni civilization to fulfill their destinies. 

But as they begin to search the many worlds, seeking the survivors Ti'ana told them of, they find clues that bring them to a hidden book and discover a secret that the D'Ni masters planned long ago.

Catherine and Atrus continue where the last book left off. 
While there are some blanks that are left because of the discontinuation of this series you get a glimpse of the direction the hidden histories and secrets buried in the library directed the on- going tragedy and the start to rebuilding what was devastated even going back to its genesis. 
Obviously there was meant to be another book in addition the the first three but its nice that we got all that was included in this book.

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