Friday, January 20, 2017

The Book of Atrus (Myst #1) by Rand Miller, Robyn Miller, David Wingrove

Based on the best-selling CD-ROM game, a fantasy novel fills out the lives of the game's characters, tracing the strange apprenticeship of Atrus to his father, Gehn, who wields the power to create worlds.

For those of you who may have played the game during its early days you'll recognize many of its cast players and the world its its signature world building in the pages of this book. 
The Myst series that stretched across the games Myst, Riven, Myst III, Myst IV, Myst V, and Uru - Ages Beyond Myst is further explored and explained in the Book of Atrus who writes the books with the ability to create worlds and portals to new worlds. Gehn a familiar name from the series creates these worlds along with his son Atrus who carries on the traits of his father only to realize that his father has created some seriously dire situations he has to follow using the books to fix the damage his father has done. 
Readers get to journey into the position as both a witness and creator from the ground up in both the journey that Atrus takes following his father and learning what has come before him and what has happened in his fathers wake. 
Good vs Evil, evil from good intentions and the grey lines between will open places for the reader to question who will ultimately come out on top and who lands on the side of right and wrong. 

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