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Christmas at Steel Beach (The Night Stalkers #9) by M.L. Buchman


Christmas at Steel Beach (The Night Stalkers) - M. L. Buchman




NAME: Gail Miller
RANK: Chief Steward
MISSION: To win the Admiral Ney Culinary Award for Best Navy Mess.

NAME: Sly Stowell
RANK: Chief Petty Officer & hovercraft pilot.
MISSION: To honor the Navy he loves.

Gail Miller cares only about cooking the very best food for those who choose to serve. When assigned to the USS Peleliu, the Navy serves her far more than she bargained for. Sly Stowell’s home aboard the USS Peleliu comes under threat of a changing Navy. He must decide if he can change with it.

When the Night Stalkers take over the ship and international crises call, their commitment and their hearts are tested to the limit. Will they still be there when the time comes to spend Christmas at Steel Beach?




While Christmas at Steel Beach carries Buchman's signature traits as far as writing goes the plot didn't catch my interest as his books usually do and are really great at keeping.

Its short, its dramatic a little maddening but its good for those too busy to delve into a full novel.



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