Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A New Month A New Background!


Well, the I hate love month will be here tomorrow so its that time again blog fans.


Time to change the look to February's theme background.


Here's the new background winner.



Feel free to leave your thoughts or opinions below. :)



Valentines Day is always that holiday where you fall on either of one of two lines, you either obsess over it all year round or you dread its impending arrival all year round.

Personally I'd be happy if they did away with it all together but that's just me. Valentines day has never been particularly good to me but I'm curious where do the rest of you land on it?


So tell me.


Love it!                                                    OR                                                       Hate it!






Want to know more about Valentines Day? See what the History Channel has to say about it.

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