Monday, December 19, 2016

Vintage Christmas (12-19-16)










Christmas Tree loading 1900s





Historic Toyland's last Christmas 




Bridgman's Christmas City Display





Illinois Christmas Tree Delivery 1900s





1930s Dust Bowl Christmas Tree





Chicago Christmas Blizzard 1913





Prominent Family Tree






1930s Texas Christmas Blizzard





Christmas in Midland Texas 1894





Navymen return home with bushels of mistletoe





Christmas Snowmen 1900s





The Famous Blizzard Kiss New York 1947






Car Sledding Christmas 1900s





Christmas Tree Delivery 1916






Christmas Tree Stand






Cliftons 1930s Tree Display







Fisher and Schofer Christmas 1921






Suffragette Christmas Snow-woman 







Madison Square Park First Electric Christmas Tree 1910






Christmas in Boulogne Paris 1890s






Red Cross Christmas 1900s






Christmas in Sweden 1900s





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