Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Other Side of Nowhere: And Other Stories by JN Chaney


The Other Side of Nowhere: And Other Stories - JN Chaney

Experience three exciting stories of fantasy and science fiction, each immensely different from the last.

Feral - Deep in the heart of Africa, a remote tribe harbors a terrifying secret. Descendants of an ancient predator, the villagers share an ability known as the Change, allowing them to take on the form of a deadly beast. The adults have full control over their powers, but the children remain wild and untamed. When a little girl escapes, consumed by her instincts, it is up to Bo to hunt her down and bring her home. Can he stop her before she makes her way to the nearby human village...or will the fragile peace between the two tribes shatter into war?

The Other Side of Nowhere – In a hospital in Georgia, a young farmer named Johnny Abram struggles to stay alive. Between the waking moments on an operating table and a series of vivid dreams, he sees his life flash before his eyes. For a while, he isn’t sure which reality is real, but when a mysterious door suddenly appears and beckons him, the dream quickly becomes a nightmare, and the real battle for his life begins.

Meeting Jonah – Dr. James Harper never expected to be psychoanalyzing the first living machine, but life is full of surprises. That’s exactly what Jonah, the first level-7 AI, is—a surprise. He’s brilliant, gentle, and more than the sum of his parts. But what happens when the men in white coats decide to end their little experiment? Will James sit by and watch as a sentient, thinking being is put to rest...or will he take a stand?





Sci-Fi to the max - Chaney's multiple short stories had late night tv written all over it.

I loved the authors voice, Chaney's Feral, The Otherside of Nowhere, and Meeting Jonah are fantastic, unique and fun! I loved the melodramatic kind of uptick in anticipation and plot... way worth the read. Each story is different and combines the excellent flavor of Twilight Zone and Midnight Matinee in one.


JN Chaney









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