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The Immortal Throne (The City #2) by Stella Gemmell


The Immortal Throne (City 2) by Stella Gemmell (2017-02-23) - Stella Gemmell




The emperor is dead…long live the emperor!
The fervent hope of the victorious rebels and the survivors of the uprising that liberated the City from tyranny is that the accession of Archange to the imperial throne will usher in a new era of freedom, peace and stability. If only that were so...

As the the City struggles to return to something resembling normal life after the devastation brought on by the rebellion, word arises of a massive army gathering to the north. No one knows where it has come from or who leads it, but it soon becomes apparent that its sole purpose is to destroy the City and annihilate all - man, woman and child - who live within its battered walls.


And while warriors go forth to fight and die on the battlefield in defense of their homeland and all that they believe in, bitter family feuds and ancient rivalries, political and personal betrayals, and mindless murder surface within the palaces and corridors of power: it seems the City is under siege - from both without and within .










The low rating is my fault I came in without reading the previous book and The Immortal Throne is a serious book. From what I could tell it picked up from where the previous book left off almost directly it seems.

I didn't understand a lot of what was happening or who the players were or what side they were on however I'm curious enough that I want to pick up the first book so that I can see what I'm missing out on.

The biggest thing is that this is not a quick read this is a big time investment read with nearly 600 pages of intensely detailed scenes. There is a lot of political upheaval and emotional turmoil in this book.

Its written well, I liked Gemmell's voice that came with her writing, and I liked the cover of this book. Totally worth the investment if you haven't read it yet.

I have another author to enjoy in the near future. 







Stella Gemmell

























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