Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Secret Deceptions (Amatore's Restaurant #1) by James Sillwood


Secret Deceptions: Amatore's Restaurant - Part One - James Sillwood




The international cast of the Recreative Theatre Company meet for their end-of-season dinner at Ristorante Amatore. As the evening progresses, each guest recalls a past liaison, an encounter which has made an impression in their life: narratives of love and tales of deceit.

Will Prudence ever discover the identity of the elusive stranger she meets on a train? Just how much of a con-man is Monsieur Raul? Has Cordelia's unconventional approach to men proved to be a success?

A common theme begins to unfold: hidden truths behind the motives for seduction. As the evening draws to a close emotions rise to the surface, declarations of love are expressed, jealousies and resentments run deep.

Who will think back to the evening as a success and who will regard it as nothing more than a disaster? Intriguing, erotic, insightful and perceptive.

This novel explores the relationship between characters with a refreshing approach to the theme of seduction.





Secret Deceptions was okay, it just wasn't my thing. Secret Deceptions starts out with the first few (up to seven) chapters of this story which is broken into three parts. The first half opening with Secret Deceptions the second picking up and following with Sensual Desires and Clandestine Liaisons.

I don't know how the whole story pans out as I only received the first half but it wasn't enough to really hold my attention to make it worth pursuing the following installments to complete the story in order for me to discover what happens.




James Sillwood









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