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Movie Night: Madonna - Rebel Heart Tour


















The Rebel Heart Tour was the tenth worldwide concert tour by American singer Madonna, in support of her thirteenth studio album, Rebel Heart. It started on September 9, 2015, in Montreal, Canada at the Bell Centre and continued throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania before concluding on March 20, 2016, in Sydney, Australia at Allphones Arena.












Warning to photosensitive viewers out there strobing may cause seizures and epileptic events.

For those watching Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour on cable or satellite, they get a highlighted version of Madonna's concert tour that is still sending shockwaves through the industry and fans who viewed the event.

Anyone who knows Madonna knows that she likes to push boundaries and the two largest topics she explores through her concerts are religion and sex. The Rebel Heart Tour is no different.

Rebel Heart is a whirl wind of dancers who enact sex scenes that cross gay, straight, bi, orgy etc on stage along with religious background visuals that blend new and original music with splashes pop rap and metal twists. Between the dark ritualistic performances there is quite a bit of pole dancing, spiritual confessions, anti government, slavery, BDSM, worship, individualism, confidence, freedom and other topics that fill the stage.

One of the most popular lines from her concert which caused an uproar was "Yeezus loves my pussy best" continuing her play on blending sex and religion in one act as she's always done. Her misuse of flags on stage and her messages of anti war, anti government, as well as exposing celebrity guests to mock sex acts and conversations which created plenty of buzz in social media world.

The Rebel Heart Tour is a whirl wind of subliminal imagery that's chaotic at best but one thing that Madonna has embraced and very well is equality in gender. Both for gay men and women and addressing the fact that as she encourages her male dancers to take off their shirts for the concert viewers that a female dancer is welcome to do the same.

Although I still prefer her older work Madonna continues to push buttons and cross boundaries in Rebel Heart and I must admit that as she's gotten older her performances have improved along with the technological advances available to her for her to express her art.

It was a great concert with great performances but I personally only liked a couple songs that was included in the concert. I'm not big on the cross genre music but its whats current today and that's something that Madonna does very well.







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