Thursday, December 22, 2016

More Than Anything (Magnolia Beach #3) by Kimberly Lang

Running the Bay Breeze marina means Shelby Tanner is used to fielding strange requests from vacationers, but she is still less than amused when she gets a call in the middle of the night to rescue a boat stranded nearby. The clueless sailor is infuriatingly inexperienced—yet also frustratingly attractive.

Architect Declan Hyde only planned on stopping in Alabama briefly on his move from Chicago to Miami, but Magnolia Beach is proving to be more captivating than he imagined. For one thing, there’s the sweet, Southern charm. For another, there’s the stunning tomboy who rescued him from the bay and keeps invading his thoughts.

As the time draws near for Declan to weigh anchor, he begins to realize that Shelby may have saved more than his boat that night—and leaving Magnolia Beach might set his lonely heart permanently adrift.

You know those small town lonely heart tv series movies you see on Lifetime, LMN, and Hallmark?
That's More Than Anything in a nutshell. 
I loved Shelby and Declan together because it brought out a lot of that sass out of Shelby and more than a little growth in Declan. I love Langs comedic voice. She captures sarcasm and exasperation perfectly but what she really does best is depicting how much her characters grow - both as individuals and as a couple once Shelby sees past Declans frustrating ignorance and his more than attractive exterior to the man inside. 
Shelby kind of grounds Declan and opens both his heart and his mind to what's truly missing in his life. Its rather beautiful and more than a little sexy once things start to heat up between them. 
More Than Anything is funny, its sweet, its romantic, its everything you want in a romance and more.


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