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Demons of the Flame Sea (Flame Seas #2) by Jean Johnson


Untitled - Jean Johnson

Raised to understand and control advanced magics, the Fae Rii know they must be careful with the wild, abundant energies of their new desert homeland. They must also downplay the awe they inspire in the Bronze Age humans around them.


Still, they have managed to create some equilibrium between the two factions, primitive versus advanced—at least, until new outworlders arrive, tipping the scales out of balance.

Strict and power-hungry, the ruthless Efrijt take the phrase “deal with the devil” to a new level. A treaty may be possible; however, the solution proposed will in turn give birth to a new problem: A chaos that will dance its way through all three races trying to survive in the burning heat of the Flame Sea











The second book of the Flame Sea series is phenomenal. I love the balance of energies and the differences in the factions. Johnson is a brilliant creator. I love the world of the Flame Seas. I don't know she does it but its absolutely beautiful and its amazing. I can't get enough of the life and the detail on every page.

There's like this whole complicated mess of who controls what and how everyone looks at everything a certain way and how they get used to the way things are done until it gets turned upside down and changes it all for everyone.

Its interesting to see how the magic change effects everyone from the supernatural to the humans and how it expands how people have interpreted their world thus far. You can really sense as a reader what it would be like to have everything you once new not being the same anymore and how that would make you feel as a person and as a community and how as individuals they have to see things in a new light.

Its really emotional and rather beautiful. I enjoyed Demons of the Flame Sea from beginning to end.





































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