Monday, August 1, 2016

What's new to Krissy's Bookshelf

Hello everyone its been awhile since I've done a New to Krissy's Bookshelf post so here I am with a new one. I don't have time to post all of the books I've gotten recently because it would take too long but here are a few in each category. 


The list of books is separated by print books purchased on the cheap, e-books bought for free, and print / e-books received from publishers and galleys.


Here is what is new today.











(Ebooks I get from online book galleys in exchange for a review)



















(Publisher Print are books I get from Authors/Publishers in exchange for review)














(Some are still FREE so check the links. - Only for a limited time!)


























(Although I purchased the print books at local shops and stores on the cheap, I added links in case you'd like to order them online so you can purchase them for yourself.)
























If you're curious how much was spent the e-books were all free, the print books that were purchased were less than a dollar.


Total money spent on books was less than 5 dollars for the haul.





Thanks for stopping by!


Feel free to share what's new to your shelf in the comments below!

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