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Seoul Survivors by Naomi Foyle


Seoul Survivors by Naomi Foyle (2014-01-30) - Naomi Foyle

A meteor known as Lucifer's Hammer is about to wreak destruction on the earth, and with the end of the world imminent, there is only one safe place to be.

In the mountains above Seoul, American-Korean bio-engineer Dr Kim Da Mi thinks she has found the perfect solution to save the human race. But her methods are strange and her business partner, Johnny Sandman, is not exactly the type of person anyone would want to mix with.

Drawn in by their smiles and pretty promises, Sydney – a Canadian model trying to escape an unhappy past – is an integral part of their scheme, until she realises that the quest for perfection comes at an impossible price.












I really believed that the general idea of Seoul Survivors has a lot of potential but it still needs a lot of work. There is a lot here in layering between the fantasy and the scifi elements, the plot, the characters the amount of violence and the the setting that really left me as a reader wanting so much more. There's so much the author can really cash in on exploring this place and these people.

I also felt that the emotional exploration could have really used so much more detail as well. You're a part of a unique high tension world, I want to feel that danger besides the fear of being someone's victim. I want excitement, I want suspense but it all just kinda built up everything for the end only to fizzle out without any fire works.

I wanted more from the culture I wanted more from the build up of anticipation that the author worked so hard to create. I actually look forward to really seeing and reading future republicaions when the author has a chance to really open up her ability to give this world the credit and the life it deserves.



























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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.





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