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Ravage (Scarred Souls #3) by Tillie Cole


Ravage: A Scarred Souls Novel - Tillie Cole

Taken by the Jakhua Clan as a teen, 194 was stripped of his name, his identity, and his freewill, meticulously honed to be a ruthless, soulless killing machine, trained solely to spill blood and stop hearts. This is a role he resents with every fiber of his being, but one he embraces to gain back the precious leverage the Georgians wield as their weapon of control: his younger sister, 152.

Mzia Kostava is in shock. After fleeing her mafia family's massacre in Georgia as a child, Mzia lives in secret, hiding from her enemies in the dark shadows of Manhattan. At age twenty-five, believing all her family is dead, word reaches Mzia that her brother Zaal is very much alive... and living with their family's greatest enemy: the Volkov Bratva in Brooklyn.

Yearning to be reunited with her beloved Zaal, Mzia risks her safety and anonymity for the brother she had mourned since childhood. But just as she reaches Zaal's apartment, Mzia is seized and taken captive by a strange man, who is strong, dark, and brutal... Unyielding, he demands her utter obedience as he locks her away in darkness. He is highly skilled in torture and inflicting pain, and demands to know everything about her brother Zaal and everything about her. He is a man that'll do anything to get what he wants.

Sometimes love requires the sacrifice and betrayal of those held most dear. But is finding one's true love worth committing the greatest sacrifice of all?











This is not a book to start half way into the series I've learned a quarter of the way into this book. There is a lot of history that is related to all the cast and everything that's happening in Ravage and the reasons behind why everyone does what they're doing that appear to relate to previous books.

That makes all the extreme content a little bit daunting to take in considering how intense a lot of it is. Between the emotions and the sex and the suspense its difficult to process.

However its written really well and I'm curious what put us where we are now, what got us and the cast here where they are in Ravage even though Readers get a little bit of background explanation.

I really want to go back and discover the first two books of this series so I have a fuller more developed understanding of this series before I judge it more seriously because I can tell there is a lot more to it than what I got out of reading the third book first instead of the first book.

I would like to say that Ravage is a great read, its interesting, its extreme and its violent but there's an under current of something really special here and I want to read the Scarred Souls series from its origins. I'm excited.



























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