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Book 1 in the "Submissive Heart" series.
This book is an introduction to relationships and details why some people find emotional comfort and sustenance within a BDSM relationship. Sometimes, you have to tear down the rotting walls and build again, and that's exactly what happened to Susan.

Book 2 in the "Submissive Heart" series.
Here, I touch on the responsibility of a dominant in taking on a submissive as well as some of the realities of UK law and the lifestyle. In this book, the overarching story starts to take hold. Some loose ends from book 1 are brought to a conclusion, but something is about to change for Susan and Mark.

Book 3 in the "Submissive Heart" series.
People in a BDSM relationship, like any other parent, want the best for their children. The story continues with a revelation that changes the lives for the main characters and forces reconciliation. The problem is that when things are forced, they rarely go smoothly.

Book 4 in the "Submissive Heart" series.
Death comes to us all, and here the story of Mark and L concludes. But who dies, and how, and what does it mean for whomever is left to live on.





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Thank you Michelle Knight for the gifted series!






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