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The Transference Engine by Julia Verne St. John


The Transference Engine - Julia Verne St. John

Madame Magdala has settled comfortably into her new life in London, as the proprietress of the Book View Café, a coffee shop and extensive library. Her silent partner is Ada Lovelace, who will one day become the world’s first computer programmer—but who now is simply the young woman for whom Madame Magdala was a nursery maid.

Ten years ago, Ada’s father, Lord Bryon, was known as a great writer. But few knew of his powers as a necromancer. Upon his death, his devoted followers tried to repair the Transference Engine—a device that would allow Byron’s soul to claim the body of its choice. Magadala, along with Mary Godwin—a.k.a. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley—had to stop them.

While the original Transference Engine was destroyed, they were unsure whether they truly stopped Bryon and his followers. Together, they fled to safety in London, and built new futures for themselves.

Now, Magdala and Mary care for the Book View Café’s community, leading fashion, following gossip, and reading the latest periodicals. But when members of the café’s community mysteriously disappear, and rumors of a threat of royal assassination grow, Magdala finds herself with new mysteries to solve. The more she learns, the clearer it becomes that this is the same mystery returned—the Transference Engine is back with a vengeance.






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I very rarely if ever read Steampunk novels so when I do I'm always curious to see how it turns out. As you can see this is a book I severely judged by its cover. I plead guilty ahead of time but come on look at it, its absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful cover.

That being said I thought the world was interesting and the plot even more so yet I felt something was off through the entire thing.

It felt... abrupt, somehow incomplete.

We jump from current day to future or past to future way too soon into a journey that happens way too slow and doesn't particularly answer enough questions that it opens.

There is a ton of potential and it held my interest but I wish the author had invested more time fleshing the journey that got the cast to where they are from where they started in the beginning instead of jumping years later and continuing on with where they are now.

It left me feeling slightly disconnected from the cast, the story and the journey they were on when its that I wanted more of.

The Transference Engine has the potential of being a five star read but it would be nice if there was more meat in the story and the development of it considering how many pages are in the book. 

Its this issue that caused me to rate the book three stars but otherwise I thought it was really fantastic.









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