Friday, April 1, 2016

New and Available from Melissa Storm: Diving for Pearls Series

Although Elizabeth died giving birth to her daughter, her death wasn’t the end. She awakens to find her sacrifice has transformed her into a special kind of angel—a protector—and if she is able to help her charge through the Pearly Gates, she too will be welcomed into Heaven. 

Elizabeth is both heartbroken and overjoyed when she finds she’ll be watching over Daisy, the daughter she never got to meet. She’d like nothing more than to live with her little girl in paradise, and being a guardian is hard work. Will Elizabeth be reunited with her daughter, or forced to suffer in silence as she watches Daisy make mistakes that place her just out of Heaven’s reach? 

This special collection includes all ten parts of Elizabeth and Daisy’s journey along with exclusive bonus content, including: 
  • Peter’s Story, a glimpse into the history of the series’ most enigmatic character 
  • Angels in Our Lives, an angel story for animal lovers 
  • A reader’s guide to the Pearl Makers universe and mythology 
  • A foreword from the author discussing her personal connection to the story 
  • An extended ending with all-new scenes 
Ultimately, Diving for Pearls weaves the tale of sacrifice, redemption, and unyielding love is for anyone who believes in angels—or is looking for a reason to believe.


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