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Aydia (The Aydian Series #1) by Phil Stern


Aydia - Phil Stern

Following a half-century of peace, Aydia is once again on the verge of war. Rayson Sacks, representing the planet's strongest nation, is desperately working to diffuse the crisis.

Saira Senten, a beautiful, powerful Srendian woman first "awakened" by Rayson years before as a college freshman, now seeks out her original lover. Cool and distant, Saira warns of a renewed totalitarian threat from Rayson's closest associates, yet offers nothing in the way of proof.

But can Rayson Sacks ever trust Saira again? Especially when a central figure in her tale is none other than Glayton Verax, a one-time friend and current rival, whose own raging infatuation with the inexperienced Srendian undergraduate nearly destroyed them all?

The past and present instantly collide in a shocking web of desire and deceit, with the future of a planet hanging in the balance. For Rayson must somehow expose the intricate plot, while once again embracing Saira's reawakened fury, and uncontrollable desire, for the man who inadvertently altered her entire existence.






My Review:

I didn't think I'd enjoy this book as much as I did but I actually did.

While there is room for potential development and improvement/growth I actually didn't mind the few flaws because there was so much to enjoy.

I hope the author either continues the series or edits a revised version of the book later on where the world and cast are both expanded on.

I wanted more development and backstory, I wanted more history. The cast carries the entire story and quite well but I really wish the author would have trusted to let loose with it because the potential is there and the ground work has been laid but it felt as if he kind of pulled back just far enough not to run with it.

However I enjoyed the expanse of the universe and the world and I hope that the author gives it more depth later on.

Aydia has both great characters, plot and life. I will be keeping my eyes open for future development and installments. 






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