Monday, March 28, 2016

Tackle by Holly Hart


Tackle - Holly Hart, Mayhem Cover Creations

The rule journalists live by?
Never become the story.
And whatever you do, don't sleep with him!


My life's changing so fast I've got whiplash! Two weeks ago, the only reporting I did was for the website... Cute little league stuff - yeah, I was that junior.

Now I'm in Barcelona, Spain, reporting on the biggest signing in US soccer history - the tanned, ripped, and outrageously cocky superstar striker Alex Rodriquez. Suddenly my career's not just going places, it's flying there business class.

Fast cars, late nights and loose women? Alex is any journalist's wet dream. He's my one chance to show that I'm more than just a pretty face. And I'm going to snatch it with both hands, even if that means sacrificing his career to send mine to the stratosphere.

I'm supposed to be the new face of WBC Sports. But I don't even recognize the girl staring back at me in the mirror.


I'm more than just a bad boy. It wasn't easy growing up in inner city LA, and I didn't just make it out, I made it to the pinnacle of my sport - playing offense for the world's best club in Barcelona! But that Diana b@tch is painting me out to be no better than a ghetto gangbanger!

I hate her. I want her. And I'm going to take her.








My Review:

Tackle is an epic tale of what happens when you know better than to open your legs to the wrong guy for the wrong reasons and do it anyway. Likewise the male hooking up with the female just to prove a point to back up his ego.

That right off of the bat got on my nerves. The back and forth in the chapters from the different perspectives is really what aggravated me most because you get a better exploration of our h/h's thoughts and the ones I read didn't particularly impress me.

Another thing that kind of confused me was the triple Epilogue. None of them really felt flush with the direction the book was going in my opinion. Also there were a few moments I wasn't quite sure in some of the conversations whom was talking to whom but there are some entertaining scenes. 

Even though Tackle wasn't one of my favorite reads it was still interesting to see what Hart did with it and I respect the thought and effort she put into her work because its very evident all the way through. 





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Note: Received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review

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