Saturday, March 26, 2016

Solitary Pleasures. Book 1, Collection Two of Forbidden Seaside Treasures


Solitary Pleasures, Book 1, Collection Two, Forbidden  Seaside Treasures (Forbidden Seaside Treasures Collection) - Celia Shade

Abby is left on her own after a weekend of exposure to some of her most treasured desires. As the new owner of a house that came fully furnished, and packed with toys beyond imagining, she explores the available paraphernalia. Alone for the day, she is faced with boredom or taking her pleasure in hand as she experiments with the
Yet Abby wonders if she was really alone when her dream of cool mouths and fingers licking and sucking. Awakening she finds everything she touched is returned, all clean and tidy, to its proper place.








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Its kind of difficult to review a 15 page lesbian fantasy sex scene all by itself but the sex was written decently and Abby got to explore her secret so yay for her even though f/f isn't really my thing.




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Note: Received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review


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