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Sailing Through Fire & Ice (Encircled by Gold Book 3) by Leah Grant


Sailing Through Fire & Ice (Encircled by Gold Book 3) - Leah Grant

Now that Lucy is playing the role of a Goddess, it seems to have gone to her head. To make matters worse, Thorstein doesn't believe it really is Lucy and Riikka can't seem to convince him otherwise.

Riikka and Thorstein have some heated fights, but the make-up sex is even hotter. Riikka is grateful when Lucy helps with the sickness threatening the settlement, but wonders just how far her friend will take this farce. Riikka knows they both need to keep playing their parts until all the lines are used up. Until then, she just needs to figure out a way to get Lucy back home.

When the seas get rough, Riikka and Thorstein's intense love and passion can take them through anything—even if it means sailing through fire and ice.







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Its funny what people are willing to do for their friends. Sometimes those friendships really strain your personal relationships when there's more than just your reputation at stake. I think my favorite scene for Rik and Lucy was the confrontation scene. "Oh I won't fight them, I'll just scare them with my Goddessness." haha

I have to admit I almost forgot everything once the "make waves" scene kicked in. Who doesn't love a man who is ready and willing to get hot and wet at the same time? OOh wee... Thors dirty talk hits just the right spot.

I really enjoyed this installment of the EG series. It was fun, sexy, and exciting all the way through.







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