Friday, March 25, 2016

Hung by Holly Hart


Hung - Holly Hart


I never thought my big break in the music business would come from Clay Hunt. The hottest pop star on the planet, and me? But that’s what happened. First he ruined my show--and then he saved it.

Next thing I know, we’re making an album. Recording together … it’s crazy good. The way we can’t keep our hands off each other? Is just crazy.

But Clay’s label wants to kick him to the curb because they think he’s nothing but a wild man. So now we’re having a baby. He’s not a bad man deep inside, but there’s so much pain wrapped up with all the good. Can we really make this work?


My career was going down the tubes until I got up on that stage with Alicia. At first she was just a way to keep my label off my back ... but everything’s changed.

A part of me I thought was dead forever is coming back to life, and it’s because of her. All the crap I’ve been running away from all these years -- I almost feel like I can face it so long as she’s with me.

Is that crazy? Maybe. All I know is that letting her go is not an option.









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I enjoyed reading Hung although I think the title confused me at first on what I thought it would be about but I suppose it can be like hung up on life kind of reference. Anyway Alicia and Clay find their way together to make an 'arrangement' in order to provide Clay a more positive image so that he won't lose his career. Buts its finding that the career doesn't really matter when you realize that the situation you've placed yourself in becomes real to you the person you didn't think would matter becomes more important to you. I really hoped this story would be so much more because everything that takes place and develops happens so quickly to make up for the limited page time I really felt that this story could have used the length and the development to make it feel more whole instead of rushed which is understandable being a novella. Still its a good story and I liked its potential.






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