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Deadly Bequest (Sensual Pursuits #1) by Sherrel Lee


Deadly Bequest, Book 1, Sensual Pursuits (Sensual Pursuites) - Sherrel Lee

Dani Brant believes there is no right or wrong in love..

When her uncle dies and leaves her his estate. She seeks the help of police detective Raylan Meeks believing her uncle’s death was murder. Her uncle has many enemies and was aware someone wanted to kill him, so he leaves instructions for private investigator Aiden Westmoreland to protect, Dani after his death.

Dani is no innocent young woman instead she is a lifelong voyeur seeking erotic experiences, she knows are available to those brave enough to explore them. As the murder is investigated her desire for Aiden and Raylan grows to the point she does not want to let either of them to go.





My Review:

I couldn't decide between a 4 or 5 star rating for this book. It has a mix of mystery/suspense but its lack of real romance falls into the erotic sex without the emotional entanglement.

Although that part felt a bit murky at times for me, I do feel that the book would have been just as strong without the investigation part added to it but it was an interesting addition none the less.

I think it was mostly my fascination with Dani's mind that kept me reading.

She felt like such an emotionally detached person for most of the book but then you had rising moments that included her personal vulnerabilities that she hid behind sex and sort of used as her measuring system for how she handled the rest of the world around her.

It made her feel naive and sort of selfish at times as well. I kind of liked that complexity in her that she wasn't all buff but it wasn't all wash either.

I did like that Aiden wasn't the kind of guy that was just a case of easy lay that gave in to a pleading pussy regardless of how easy it would have been like a lot of Erotica I've read and I would have been happy with the story only having the twosome lovesome but in comes Ray who I really didn't care for all that much.

Ray provides some hot sex scenes but I didn't particularly care for his personality, his excuses, or his interactions with Dani outside of the off and on thing they had going on.

Regardless of my personal feelings over that I still felt the story was good and worth the read.





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Note: Received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review

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