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Theo (The Regiville Tales, Book One) by Desirae Grove


Theo (The Regiville Tales, Book One) - Desirae Grove

Eve Willard is a nerdy, socially awkward college student. She’s curvy and shy, and finding a boyfriend is not high on her list of priorities. Besides, she’s sick of the immature guys she’s been meeting at school—she can never find anything in common with them.

On the eve of her nineteenth birthday, she runs into a mysterious stranger who seems to have an old soul. Before she even realizes what’s happening, she’s getting entangled in his shroud of carefully guarded secrets, some of which put her very life in danger.

Theo Dyer has never thought he would fall for a woman again. Humans serve one purpose in his mind—sustenance. When he meets Eve, he can’t understand what’s drawing him to her, deeper and deeper. And before he can stop it, he puts her life in jeopardy, and he must now rescue her, at all costs. Even if it means possibly losing his immortality.

Will they find a way to save each other? And will their growing love survive it all?










My Review:

I really liked Theo as an introduction to the Reg Tales series but it could use a lot of editing because there were certain details that didn't make a lot of sense especially when Eve is doing one thing but then saying another or the exact opposite. I do think this book has a lot of potential with the right amount of editing and fact checking to ensure that the information being given makes sense.

I liked Theo and Eve together as a couple, I especially liked Eve because she was a person you could relate to. The feeling of not belonging and out of place in your life is something that many people can understand.

The fact that Theo was the one she related to was fairly expected even though I wasn't totally convinced he was "the one" until half way through and I have to admit I wasn't expecting the ending to come about the way it did.

I still enjoyed the book overall and look forward to reading future installments to the series. 









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Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from The Author

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