Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress (The Dukes of War #2) by Erica Ridley






Captain Xavier Grey’s body is back amongst the Beau Monde, but his mind cannot break free from the horrors of war. His friends try to help him find peace. He knows he doesn’t deserve it. Just like he doesn't deserve the attentions of the sultry bluestocking intent on seducing him into bed...

Spinster Jane Downing wants off the shelf and into the arms of a hot-blooded man. Specifically, the dark and dangerous Captain Grey. She may not be destined to be his wife, but nothing will stop her from being his mistress. She could quote classical Greek by the age of four. How hard can it be to learn the language of love?









My Review:

A lot of talk not much action then little action without much talk. You go forward two steps go back ten with the relationship, there's too much foreplay without much real satisfaction both sexually and emotionally to invest in either h/h.

My biggest problem is that there is a lot of set up but the author doesn't fulfill much of it so you spend a lot of time just hanging on possibilities. Still I liked the characters and the story so its a halfsies rating until the full potential is reached in future publication edits.








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Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from The Author


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