Thursday, February 4, 2016

Question of Content... New Adult?... Opinions?

First off I know a lot of people say I should just ignore it and I typically do but I needed something clarified that I never really understood with the New Adult genre so various opinions are welcomed. (I already expect a lot of bashing just for asking because a lot of New Adult readers tend to be very defensive so bash away.)


Anywho, I spend a lot of time looking up FREE ebooks on Amazon and we all know the search engine isn't as perfect as one would hope even with its filters, but the biggest genre to pop up in the Free search are Erotic Romances. The biggest portion of those ebooks belong not to Adult but New Adult.


Erotica seems like an Adult genre not a New Adult genre so in comes my question.


Do any of you consider Erotic Adult and New Adult separate? By what age range do you separate them? (New Adult being the Adult sub genre typically.)


From what I've seen New Adult for some readers are ranged for ages 14-18 or 18-21 there hasn't been much confirmation either way but I always assumed Teen was 14-18,  New Adult 18-21, Adult 21 and over but people keep telling me New Adult is 14-18 so why are so many extremely Erotic and pornographic books labeled New Adult if it is? (Example of books I've seen listed in New Adult genre search: New Adult: Jizzed by Step-Daddy, New Adult: Pregnant by my Step-Brother, New Adult: Cheerleader Bang Party with the Highschool Football Team, New Adult: Bondage with my Dom. etc)


Its none of my business either way who reads what at what age but it seems a little controversial if Erotica is for 14 year olds with these kind of titles on them.


Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this topic?

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